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That sounds like a great challenge and wonderful progress

But can I double-check something? You said that your average spending was $515/month, and so far this month you’ve only spent $147.57? And then you said that’s 58% of your normal spending? By my math, you’ve saved a lot more than that. If I’ve done my math correctly, $147 is only 29% so far of your $515 average. Or am I misunderstanding something here? In any case, knocking your spending down by that much is awesome! Hope you’re able to keep up with it and turn it into an ongoing money-saving approach to groceries. Sounds like you’ve got ots of good ideas here!

My Progress so far prev month:

1. the side by side freezer is becoming less and less— and a few items have come out of the big freezer.

2. my spending so far for the month stands at $147.57 and only 11 days to go in the month ( funny enough 58% of the money spent and 58% of the month has passed)

3. I currently have 3 gallons of milk, 4 dozen eggs, and a bunch of produce to use (sales and price matching earlier in the week)—-so could possibly go until end of next week before needing more….

Other thoughts: Thinking I might take this into Nov\Dec as well–considering I have barely touched the big freezer……

My goals this month for the pantry challenge are as follows:

1. clean out the upright freezer AND the freezer on our side by side fridge.

2. spend 50% of normal monthly grocery budget.

3. allow myself to purchase needed milk, produce, and eggs along with must have sale items and coupon items.

Some of my online friends from other sites have been participating in a pantry challenge in October

And, since it never hurts to get my grocery budget lower, I decided to go for it.
My average grocery spending for the year from January to June has been $515 a month.
My budget includes feeding hubby, myself, our 2 living-at-home college kids (so essentially 4 adults), and 3 very big dogs.
The grocery budget also includes all household stuff–such as cleaning products, bathroom supplies, etc.