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What a relief that the episode is past!

And yea, I think I would have smacked him around at least a little, just on general principle. Husbands don’t get permission to scare wives like that. Not without some consequences. As for the soggy sleeve, well, he deserved it. Here’s hoping you folks have a quiet, uneventful evening and that he takes his medicine on time and starts feeling better.

My Progress so far prev month:

1. the side by side freezer is becoming less and less— and a few items have come out of the big freezer.

2. my spending so far for the month stands at $147.57 and only 11 days to go in the month ( funny enough 58% of the money spent and 58% of the month has passed)

3. I currently have 3 gallons of milk, 4 dozen eggs, and a bunch of produce to use (sales and price matching earlier in the week)—-so could possibly go until end of next week before needing more….

Other thoughts: Thinking I might take this into Nov\Dec as well–considering I have barely touched the big freezer……

Okay—couple things here….

One….if hubby is unemployed—can he watch the kids and save $550 a week?

Two—buy a few window units until he is back employed–and then save cash for the new house unit.

We have used window units for the past 14 years or more. We have one in each bedroom that we turn on shortly before bedtime and one in the living room that runs as needed.

Remember, it is only going to be hot another couple months….why take out cash now that you might really need later for a much bigger and non-avoidable reason.

Three– Wouldn’t you have to pay penalties and taxes on that withdrew money—again, better to wait until hubby is employed and save cash.

Just my opinion from what I read—only you know what is best for your situation,