for our 100gal tank that needs to be refilled about every six months. Suffice to say that our current propane company just changed a bunch of policies, which totally messes up the payment system we’ve used with them for only the last TEN years. Now they want us to either pay two weeks in advance, or undergo a credit approval process to get onto a monthly payment plan, which would STILL be paying in advance, and the credit approval is required even if it’s a direct withdrawal from a checking account. I really wanted to get on the regular monthly plan so that we can get regular deliveries instead of running out of propane (like we did this weekend, which = no hot water). So I said Ok, run the credit check. The gal said in advance that I needed a credit score of better than 575. I thought no problem, when I last checked my credit score, less than a year ago, it was over 700, and it would have only improved since then since we’re snowballing our debt, didn’t have any new debt, etc. Well, supposedly it came back too low, but she wouldn’t tell me what the score was. Excuse me? So now I need to go pull a new credit report to see if a) she was lying through her teeth so that she could justify keeping me in the “pay in advance” club, or b) if there’s something on there that doesn’t belong on there, which is the only way I can think that my credit score would be messed up so badly.

I know there are websites where we can get free credit reports once/year, but some of them offer the score and some of them don’t. DR recommends checking once/year, and I don’t remember who I used last year. Anyone have a website they like, that provides the score for all three agencies? I really want to get that score and either fix a wrong entry, or throw it back in that gal’s face and say “put me on the monthly plan or so help me I’ll sic my attorneys on your company for denying me service for false credit information.” Yea, I’m mad.