So I am curious to hear your thoughts on this situation. I live in NoVA (read: expensive!); DH is currently unemployed with his benefits having been exhausted end of June. So it’s just my income. We have two little ones in daycare to the tune of $550 a week. No other debt except mortgage and the house is currently underwater to the tune of approximately $100K if I am reading the real estate sales in my neighborhood correctly. My point being, money is somewhat tight on a month to month basis.
Okay, so that all having been said…. we have been having AC issues so decided to look into first getting the coils cleaned; that was $250 and seemed to have helped for about a day. Seriously.
DH then made an appointment with a heating / cooling company to have them come give us a consultation with the idea that we might have to bite the bullet and buy a new unit (ours is about 20+ years at this point). We decided to go ahead and get the recommended system (AC and furnace – both Lennox brand, one stage) to the tune of about $7200.
I called my investment advisor to pull $5K from my investments knowing I could cover the other ~$2500 via my savings – while not totally depleting the savings.
He told me to go to Home Depot get an American Standard (Builder grade) unit and get a one year no interest credit card to finance…
I’m like, WTF??? (excuse my acronym French)…. If I were to take a loan for a year the basic payment would be approximately $675 which I don’t have in my monthly (read, day to day living) budget! No, I didn’t take his advice and pulled the $5K but I am annoyed. Am I right to be annoyed?
I have savings for a reason and prefer to pay cash.
Well, after typing all this out I guess I know what the responses are going to be but I need some encouragement. Despite my spouse being unemployed we are still able to make small minor improvements to the house because we are essentially debt free and I want to be comfortable since I work from home.