Has he had heart testing done recently? I ask because I literally witnessed a woman having a heart attack at work a few weeks ago….pain and trouble breathing for just a few minutes.
Daughter of the woman said her mom had heart testing within the past year and everything was fine, but was worried about this episode.
Meanwhile, while the mom was having the shortness of breathe, etc…..I had called the ambulance.
By time they got there—the mom was feeling better—but they insisted she go with them—just to be on the safe side.
I figured they would take the mom to the hospital, run some tests, and all would be okay….
However— Daughter dropped a note card at work the next day— the mom had surgery due to 90% blockage and was now recovering in the hospital !!
Point being—had I not called—-the mom would have passed soon without ever knowing….because after a short attack—she felt just fine.
Again—after a short attack—this woman looked just fine and was ready to finish her shopping….
Ever since this episode—I have been working on getting healthier myself… Before I had wanted to. Now, I realized I NEED to……heart conditions run in my family…..and I want to be around for as long as I can.
PLEASE have him follow up on this—better safe than sorry,