I’m slowly pulling these reports from a machine that doesn’t have a good connection to the Net at the moment. But the first report, from Experian, came across with no surprises. Mtg is the only open account, no late payments. My credit card is there, current but closed, and three other accounts, all mine, all closed. Most of those accounts have closed and/or been paid off within the last year, such that the only “live” account is the mortgage. That right there might be part of my score dropping so much in the past year (if in fact it has dropped). I haven’t seen my actual credit score yet, apparently I have to pay for that? I’ll keep pulling these reports as I have the time today. As annoyed as I was, I’m glad to see there aren’t any new accounts on here that don’t make any sense.

I also double-checked our propane tank, and there’s a sticker on the tank which says it can only be filled by the company we currently use. Probably because it’s a leased tank, rather than a tank we own. We have the “right” to purchase the tank for a lot of $$$, which is why we started off leasing it 10 years ago. Sigh. So for the moment, we have to stick with this company for our propane.

I guess the bigger monster was that there was something horrible on my credit report which didn’t belong there. Now that I’ve satisfied that concern, I can live with the idea that my credit score has apparently gone down because I’m not playing the game anymore. I can live with that. We’ll just have to make adjustments to our payment plan for this particular vendor, and consider either buying the tank outright, or continuing as-is. It was time for me to order another credit report anyway.