SAHM’s. I was going through a LOT of SAHM websites looking for jobs when I was first laid off, and NEVER saw mystery shopping companies listed as possibilities.

Another big idea – in whatever ads are being run, work hard(er) to show somehow that these are legitimate work opportunities, rather than “stuff envelopes and get paid for it” type scams. There are so many scams out there right now, and I think most of us have gotten scam-type emails about “earn money as a mystery shopper!” that it is easy to see how folks would almost categorically ignore a legitimate job posting. Perhaps testimonials from folks like yourself, or being listed with the BBB, or local Chambers of Commerce, or something to prove that this is a legitimate work opportunity.

Third, give folks a reasonable range of income possibilities, and a reasonable description of how much time they would have to put towards any given assignment, then how much they’d earn. Alternately, provide hints for how to maximize the earnings, and/or minimize the time/expense for doing the assignment.

You know, you’re such a good blogger already, you could also write up a few blog entries (or maybe you have them already) talking about how to be a “successful mystery shopper”, and/or offer to host an ongoing “how to many money at mystery shopping” newsletter for that company’s employees. That would show not only your creativity (which we all know you have in a-plenty) but also that you’re willing and able to DO something with it, to help other employees and the company itself.

Anything to help the mystery shopper employees make more $$$, while improving the company’s image and bottom line, has got to be a win/win for everyone. I’ll bet you’d shine at it too.